Picking up puppy alone?

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Hey everyone,

Been lurking this sub for a while now in preparation for picking up my new golden pup in 3 days.

To pick him up I have to drive about 2.5 hours and I haven’t been able to get a partner to come along for the ride.

I plan on bringing a crate. The last time I talked to the breeder she said he wasn’t taking to the crate well but she was optimistic because she still had time to work on it. This was about 1.5 weeks ago.

My plan is to tire him out as much I can at the breeder’s and hopefully get him to sleep for most of the car ride. I also plan on taking things extremely slow and stopping as much as I need to.

Is this a bad idea? If my pup is not completely comfortable with the crate will I set him back by subjecting him to a long car ride in it? Any other ideas?


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