Philippines police van rams objectors outside US embassy in Manila

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At least three students sent to hospital after vehicle drives into activists who had begun attacking it with wands at anti-US rally

A police van has rammed into protesters as an anti-US rallying outside the American embassy in the Philippines capital, Manila, moved violent.

At least three student activists were taken to infirmary after they were run over by the van driven by a police officer, the assert manager Renato Reyes said.

Television footage testified the van repeatedly ramming the objectors as it drove wildly back and forth after objectors had bordered and started reaching the van with wooden wands they had seized from the police.

Protesters expose postings after thrusting their behavior to the doors of the US embassy in Manila. Picture: Bullit Marquez/ AP

In front of horrified audience, the van suddenly drove backwards then forwards twice over a room of about 20 metres, sowing protesters.

Some demonstrators called in surprise, while others lunged stones at the van. One objector called the police puppies of imperialists applying a loudspeaker.

There was utterly no justification for it, Reyes said of police forces tactics. Even as the president swore an independent foreign policy, Philippine police forces still act as running dogs of the US.

Police patrolmen touched fleeing objectors outside the embassy. Image: Bullit Marquez/ AP

Police threw teargas and arrested at the least 23 objectors who ended through a line of riot police and hurled crimson coat at the officers and a American government shut at the start of the revival at the seaside embassy compound.

A firetruck doused the demonstrators with ocean to push them back, but they took regard of the sea hose and tackled policemen with stones and red-faced colour. After separating through the police passageway, they wrote US troops out now and other slogans in blood-red colour on the embassy tall fence.

The demonstrators, made up of students, workers and tribespeople, were expecting an resolve to the presence of US troops in the country and substantiating a request by the president, Rodrigo Duterte, for a foreign policy not dependent on the US, the countrys treaty ally.

The activists came from the countrys largest leftwing umbrella group, Bayan( Nation ), which has organised regular anti-US rallies in front of the delegation for decades, most of which are peaceful.

Duterte is on a state trip to China, where he is seeking to mend relations tightened under his predecessor over territory conflicts around the South China Sea. He is also seeking to expand two-way trade and investments and endeavour financing for infrastructure projects.

Police and demonstrators clash during the brutal protest. Photo: Bullit Marquez/ AP

Amid an uncomfortable relation with the US, Duterte has tried to forge associated with China and Russia, creating ambiguity to his countrys long alliance with America.

The hardline president came to power in May and had now been made a succession of anti-American outbursts, calling Barack Obama the son of a whore and telling the US president to go to hell.

The objectors too resisted the presidents effort to make overtures toward China. The Philippines will not be prescribed on, whether by the US or China, they said in a statement.

The Philippine national police did not mention immediately.

The violent events has just taken place as the police and Duterte are under increased international investigation for their alleged character in the killings of thousands of dose supposes and pushers as part of the presidents war on stimulants.

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