Petco Obedience training for my 8 month crazy puppy

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I love my 8 month old puppy, but he’s a lunatic. He’s a Lab/pit mix from the shelter (so he could be mixed with anything) and he’s a complete nutcase. He’s always chasing after our kids (10,7) and we are constantly playing, training, walking, taking breaks, correcting behavior. He’s by no means mean and doesn’t bite, just mouthing all the time (which his vet said is normal even at this age).

We don’t have a ton of extra cash and I want to put him in obedience training. Petco has their 6 weeks course and we have met the lead trainer and he was super nice and helpful with him. Is it completely horrible to take him to petco for training? I’m sure that this would be better than just not doing anything about it, but I’m worried that it’s not worth it for the cheaper price tag.

I know it seems silly, but I don’t want to sell my boy short and I love him and I would never get rid of him, but some days I think about it. We’ve had him since he was 8 weeks and he’s 100% crate, leash and house trained.

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