Pet defective- the barking narration of Lena Dunham’s dog

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The Girls star has given up Lamby after he proved too unruly but not without some burn back from the animal shelter she took the dog from in the first place

And so to the modern whodunit of our times, one that we shall call, Agatha Christie-style, The Mysterious Affair of Lena Dunhams Dog. A couple of years ago, Dunham got a rescue dog from a shelter that she announced Lamby, because apparently the dog hadnt suffered enough. Except, it turned out, it had, because, in between writing about her dog for the New Yorker and posing with her bird-dog in Vogue, she posted photos on Instagram of burns she got from Lamby. Then, in June, the narration took a brand-new deflect, when Dunham announced that Lamby, having lost horrific corruption as a pup has at last proven too disorderly and was now living in an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles. Ooh, maybe Lamby will say hi to Trisha, my childhood turtle, as Im pretty sure thats where my mother said she went to live!

And thats sad, but cest la vie. Or perhaps … not? The shelter where Dunham initially got Lamby waded in to shed some serious color, declaring that there was no way Dunham could know what her hound had been through before he came to live with her. Its just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every dark-green area with her when Girls was still a circumstance four years earlier, said Robert Vasquez from the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition( Barc stop laughable, this is serious, OK ?).

Ohhhh snaps! Is that live animals shelter or a burrrrrrns force?

Can LiS please exactly write the rest of this in dog puns? Because it honestly doesnt know, with a fable( posterior) about Dunham engaging in battle-by-social-media with a dog shelter. I have weathered a lot of micro-scandals but this one pains MOST, because of the vulnerability of telling people know Lamby and my narrative, Dunham wrote on Instagram. If youre recalling the answer to this is: Well, maybe if you didnt be talking about yourself so much, people wouldnt detect free to making this personal observations, then you dont understand the first-person-is-all, feelings-over-facts occasions in which we live.

Anyway, since then, both Lambys manager and the sister of his vet have spoken up in defence of Dunham so, frankly, who the hell knows what the truth is. But the takeaway here seems to be this: if anyone wants to dismantle the American left any more than it has already done itself, exactly spread a story about Dunham and watch them radicals lose their subconscious. Youre accepted!

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