People who have had a hyperactive puppy, does it get better?

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We got a 19 weeks old lab puppy. I lover her to death, but she is a very hyper dog. It's hard for her to put herself to sleep, because she wants to be part of everything. It's hard to go on walks because she wants to play with everybody and everything. She's a very happy pup which is nice to see everyday… But it's taking a toll on me. We always have to be calm around her so she doesn't get overexcited.

My question is: does it get better? Will she ever be able to be a calm and relaxed dog? We do everything we can to teach her that but it's a long road. We use the relaxation protocol and we give her lots of treats whenever she is calm… I'm just scared that she will never be able to be calm. That she'll always be a hyperactive dog and that I always have to look out for things that could excite her… I don't even want to think about our plans we had with her (we wanted to do therapy dog training so we could take her to school with us. We're both teachers). And I'm scared that we picked the wrong puppy or even the wrong breed.

So… Did one of you have one of those puppies? How did it turn out? What was the one thing that helped the most (time, special training, waiting for the dog to get older…)? I would just love to hear some stories because right now I can't imagine a life with a dog that is going to be like that forever…

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