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My French bulldog dog has slept on the bed since we had her, she's 10 years old & been going through a rough time recently.

I have a king size bed, I sleep on two parts of it regularly (across the top & the right side) while my two dogs have most of the left side. My blanket used to be red/gold so I never noticed how bad it was but I got a white/gray blanket last week & I noticed she's peed in the bed 3 times apparently, I just didn't notice until tonight because I felt it tonight. Recently she'd pee where I sleep which is how I noticed.

She's been having a tough time recently because she used to sleep with my father but he died in June, so I moved into his room & she's been sleeping with me, which she's done in the past. I also had a son a year ago and she hasn't dealt with that very well, she constantly growls at him if he comes near her & we constantly have to do a couch shuffle because she wants to be near us but she cant be near him. She has snapped at him but never bitten him. So her stress levels are always up.

I hate that I've had to do this but I can't have her just peeing in the bed, we have a dog door downstairs but she just doesn't seem to want to get up to go outside. She's not incapable, she is still really energetic & has no problems moving around. Bed time has been her last "just me & mommy" time since the baby came & I hate to take it away but now I feel like I have to. She's going to have to be banned from the bed.

Any suggestions? I could be wrong but she seems to be doing it when my son wakes up in the night. She doesn't ask to go out but while I'm putting him back to sleep I hear her shake in the other room (her collar makes noise) but she doesn't get off the bed. I've tried taking her outside but it'd have to be after I've dealt with the baby which seems too late & it's always a fight to get her off the bed & out, which often results in waking the baby up.

Do I just put a diaper on her or just keep her off the bed? Do you think this is anxiety peeing or should I go to the vet? I hate taking this away from her but I don't know what else to do since this seems like her just being lazy. We've had problems with her peeing inside before but only because she refused to go out because it's raining (she hates the rain) or because she's in a mood.

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