Peeing all the time, accidents in crate, still crazy for water

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Hey there So I'm going to ask the vet as well to rule out a UTI but I was wondering if anyone here ever experienced the following things: so our puppy (12 moths old) pees a lot. Even after multiple pees outside we come in and she goes again. The thing is: if you dont monitor her water intake she drinks the ENTIRE bowl until her belly swells up like a balloon. Seriously, it doesn't look like it's designed to be this way.

So we talked to a trainer and as soon as we started cutting water a little earlier before bedtime and monitored it a bit more during the day she started going crazy for water, constantly trying begging for it. But even then she kept peeing and the "output" is a lot so it doesn't look like we're not giving her enough (?). Anyways, she also just goes in her crate (even after removing the bed). Now she started immediately licking it up again (which I of course try to prevent but am not always able to at night).

Of course I read here a lot and we are enzyme-cleaning everything all the time, have a detailed schedule when to take her out, praise her when she goes outside, and take her from the crate right outside without a chance to pee inside. But she does anyways as soon as we're back.

Do you guys think we should just take her out more often? right now it's about every hour or maybe 1.5 hours. The reason I'm not sure this is the problem is that she often pees RIGHT after bringing her inside again. I feel like it's especially important because it completely prevents us from playing with her or training her because there is never a time when she doesn't pee everywhere.

Also because she still seems to have a lot of liquid in her one thing I'm asking myself if we should give her less water but she already seems to be super thirsty all the time and I really don't want to be cruel in any way.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

PS: it's not dribbling, she doesn't seem in pain so there are not a lot of symptoms supporting UTI I guess?

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