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Hi everyone,

I'm freaking out a little bit over parvo scare that could also be anything else. Askvet sub deletes all the replies so I'm here to hear from people who experienced it.

On Sunday morning I discovered a little blood in his stool but there wasn't diarrehea. I decided to observe him because he was really energetic and eating well.

He was very good for the rest of the day and blood didn't come back. Some stools were loose most were solid. On Monday morning he had another bloody one and it wasn't solid. But again, high energy + eating well. His stool became solid towards evening.

I got appointment from the vet anyway because I was worried and people told me it could be something else that is also serious. Appointment is in 5 hours.

This morning he had a normal stool but a little blood was there. But then I saw him doing the vomit motion, but nothing came out. He tried to play a bit but went back to sleep. He would be playful in the morning. So I'm bawling my eyes out and wondering if I should call emergency. It's 7am here, our appointment is at 12pm and vet opens at 9am.

What was your pup's symptoms were like? I know whar to look out for but I don't know the progression or which symptom shows up first. We also fed him some apples, bell peppers, raspberries over the weekend and he likes to chew on sticks which vet said is ok. He has his vaccinations on track. He's 13 weeks old. Your help is appreciated.

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