Overwhelmed puppy expresses herself by biting TF out of me

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My beagle is 15 weeks old, and we were finishing up our walk today when probably 6 neighborhood kids came up to meet/play with her in the park.

Only a couple boys were brave enough to pet her in the beginning, then they all stayed out of her leash range while rolling a ball around for her to chase. After about 10 mins of playing fine with them, she turned to me and started chomping down hard on anything she could get ahold of – arms, legs, feet, hands, and even aiming for my face. She broke my skin in several places and drew blood from my right forearm and left hand. Once I could get a handle on her (she was not responding to my commands), I picked her up and took her home. She had zoomies for about 15 mins and then passed out in her bed.

She usually bites me playfully (and much more lightly) at home, but still responds to “drop it” or “sit” and will accept whatever toy I offer as replacement. I assume in this case she was just overwhelmed by so many children even though they were keeping their distance. Does that seem right to you guys?

If it is, I can’t have her acting like that when she’s ready to go home. I don’t feel like I can trust her around kids now. How can I encourage a different response?

Or does this behavior suggest something else?

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