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Hi guys, I have a 4 month old siberian husky puppy and am getting extremely worried about how i am training her and socializing her. She is quite a great dog at home from time to time if I give her a fair amount of excercise and mental stimulation, I train her more than half an hour a day and showcase myself as a "pack leader" with a number of methods like eating before her.

The problem i have with her is her socialization with strangers and other dogs, from a trainer's perspective my puppy is considered dominant around other dogs because she would jump on dogs twice the size as her, nips and plays very excitedly, on people she would jump on them and nip a little but after a minute or two she would calm down, she also lunges at dogs all the time and occasionally some strangers too, I've heard this isn't normal for a 4 month old puppy as well and i tried socialization training with her but she doesn't seem to understand everyone's boundaries and I'm scared this will go on to her adult stage, so far I can be fairly honest she is not aggressive but instead super duper excited, I just want her to be calm around other dogs and respect everyone's space.

Thanks for reading any response would be helpful!

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