Over aggressive German Shepard

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My brother decided to get a German Shepard and then take a full time job… I am absolutely terrified of dogs after seeing one kill a person when I was very young (ironically enough it was a German Shepard which adds to my fear). The dogs aggression wasn’t bad when it was young cause I could easily pin it to the floor but now it’s gotten to the point where I really have to hit the dog to get it to stop biting at me. It will try to come up from behind and scale and climb my back with its claws or it just jumps for my face. I’ve tried air horns that were suggested to try to get me away from kicking at the dog to shoe it away but nothing except physically striking the dog works. I can’t pin it well because it’s gotten very flexible and I don’t like getting down on tht level or putting my hands near it’s mouth or head to hold it down. I’ve never punched it or gotten excessive but im a big guy and I’m scared one of these hard kicks to the body could seriously injure or kill it, but at the same time it bit my sister’s foot hard enough to break her ankle and I don’t wanna take any chances. Any advice? This dog absolutely hates me as you might expect, but not only from the scuffles, I’m rarely home so it doesn’t understand I’m not an intruder which makes things worse. As I said I’m not a dog person so I don’t know if this affects anything but it’s a female and was bred to be a police dog. It was extremely expensive from what I’ve heard so besides the amount of hurt everyone would feel if I did seriously injure it without meaning to, there is a lot of money tied up in this animal. As I’ve stated I am absolutely terrified of large dogs so hopefully a solution that wouldn’t involve me being too close to it. Lastly, I don’t hate this dog… although I don’t like dogs I wouldn’t ever want one to be beaten or killed. If I truly wanted this dog gone I could call animal control or actually hit it hard enough to cause some real damage. I just want it to stay the away from me, when my brother is home the dog seems to become increasingly aggressive towards other people. I really really really can’t stress how much I don’t wanna hue this animal but I see ya going down that road cause it takes longer and longer for it to stop attacking me and I’m scared I will end up harming it beyond a point that it can recover from.

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