Outside disobedience and one-way fetcg

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Hey guys,

So here's a quick summary. Inside, my 6M0 GSD is rather obedient. Loves to play fetch (well, as much fetch you can do indoors) and will come to us when called. However, once we are outside, all recall obedience drops to 0%. Without fail. His fetching becomes oneway: he'll go after his frisbee, ball etc, grab or catch it. But then that's that. He will not bring it back not will he let me get close to retrieve it; he'll run off in the opposite direction, keeping his toy from me.

That really wouldn't bother me. Accept for the fear of him running into the street next to my apartment playing keep away from me, or getting too far and into trouble.

I want to take him outside to play and play fetch, but his disobedience makes it borderline impossible.

What do you guys make of this?

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