Our puppies don’t like leashes and steal the other dogs food

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My family and I adopted two puppies, two sisters named Penny and Lilo, about 3 weeks ago, making them about 16 weeks old.

Our puppies don't like leashes

I was hoping to start walk training with them early on, starting by walking them around the yard with a leash, but when I put a leash on Penny and tried to walk with her she stayed in place, threw her head back and whined while trying to get the collar and leash off, and my family says they've had similar experiences with Lilo. I've never had something like this happen before, only with out other dogs pulling on their leash, so I'm not sure how to go about it

And steal the other dogs food

What will happen when we feed the dogs is the puppies will eat their own food as quickly as possible, and then run to the others to steal it. We stay in the kitchen with the dogs while they eat to try and stop them. So far the only solutions I've found is keeping treats with me and telling them to sit and stay, but they usually lose interest pretty quickly, and keeping a spray bottle handle in case I see them running to the other food bowls or taking food, but I know there might be a better solution.

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