Our pup was using a real grass potty on our patio amazingly well until yesterday when she completely decided she hated it??

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What gives?

She’s a 4 month old German Shorthaired Pointer and potty training has been an UPHILL battle.

When we first got her, we spent the first month in a cabin in the woods so we were able to take her outdoors every half hour. Even then, she would sniff around but ultimately run right inside and pee on the carpet.

Once we came home to our apartment on the second floor with hardwood floors, we had to get more creative.

We started with taking her downstairs but she was more interested in the trash on the ground.

We tried the Bark Potty but because she’s a large breed, it only lasted about a week before it started to stink and she loved to try and dig out the wood chips.

Then we thought we’d found the golden solution: a fresh patch of grass from a local nursery that we fit into a plastic tray.

It worked SO well on the first patch of grass, we have a bell that she could ring if she needed to go and it worked for about a week and a half before the urine destroyed the grass.

We replaced it this past Sunday.

She was right back to peeing on it amazingly well. We’d open the door, she’d do her business in a second and we’d all be very happy.

Until yesterday!

She all of a sudden decided she won’t go near it. Won’t even put her paw on it.

Nothing has changed, the grass is still fresh as it’s only been 3 days since we replaced it and now for 2 days she hasn’t even been using it.

Why would she just decide it isn’t a potty spot anymore?! We’re so confused.

She peed in the house today, I slid in it and slammed my toes into a wall so we’re all feeling very frustrated.

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