Our pee happy Frenchie

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Looking for some advice with our male six (almost seven) month old Frenchie, George.

We crate trained him for about 5 months, and he had no issues sleeping through the night or having accidents in his crate. He stays in there during the day (for short periods) when we go out and he’s fine.

We started letting him sleep in our bed with us at night, and it’s been a nice bonding experience with no issues.

Within the last few weeks (since I’ve been home and his schedule has changed) he has peed in our bed 3 times. We have a pretty regular routine where he stops drinking hours before bed and goes out right before bed, and like I said we haven’t had any issues up until the last two weeks.

He definitely has been experiencing a “fear period” and acting more territorial in general. I worry if we put him back in the crate at night it will traumatize him.

Has anyone had similar issues or has an idea of what might be going on? We’re calling the vet as well but everything appears to be fine other than this one issue. Any advice is appreciated!

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