Our just LOVES everyone and wants to play… a little too much

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We got our rescue Bailey back in July at about 10months old. She was lethargic in a new place at first but just has been an absolute joy and sweetheart once she got used to the space and realized she wasn't going to be taken back.

She's smart, and learns fast generally. We were able to get her housetrained and asking to go out within 2 weeks with only 3 accidents in the house overall. We had zero issues socializing her because she's just so friendly and non-aggressive with other dogs. She chills in her crate, isn't a barker, and is the biggest cuddlebug I've ever met.

Probably the perfect dog as far as what I want from one.

There's just one problem.

She can follow commands like sit, stay, come, heel, fetch, etc. More simple stuff. She picked those up quickly at home and we continue to reinforce them.

But when she sees other people or dogs she loses all semblance of control and we can't get her to listen, like at all.

If she sees a dog, she will lay down on the floor, stick her butt up in the air, and wag her tail so hard her whole butt is shaking. If the owner is comfortable letting their dog say hi, I have to keep her on a very short leash. She doesn't bite or scratch, but she's just VERY playful and is very good at working other dogs up into their own energetic state.

At dog parks, she wants to say hi and play with EVERYONE. She has no sense of what aggression looks like with other dogs, so we have to keep a close eye on her if there is one that is say protective of their ball. She got nipped on the ear and just kept wanting to play with that dog like it was nothing. Tail wagging and all.

With us, we can say "down" and "heel" and she will chill and won't jump up on us much at all. Though when she says hi and wants to play we let her. With other people when she sees them she just won't listen to those commands at all, and wants to say hi to everyone she sees for pets and cuddles. So when we are out on walks or at the dog park, she just goes and says hi to every owner as well as every dog she can.

Her house training overall is going GREAT. I couldn't ask for a better dog from that front. The issue is just as soon as we take her out (We take her for 2 long and 2-3 short walks a day right now and to the dog park 3-4 times a week) she turns into a total spaz that wants to play with everything that moves and zero listening skills.

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