Our dog scoots his food plate/bowl around or if there’s a blanket he attempts to cover the food

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Here's a video of him doing it – we removed blankets from around him so we won't try to cover the food. You can tell that he is still attempting to cover the food with his new crate pad, he thinks it's a blanket.

Edit 2: He does this in or outside of his crate, fyi

This is the strangest behavior. Our pitbull (9 months) is very finnicky about eating. We've switched his food up due to past issues and now he does this to the new food. I also need to point out that he will definitely eat if I sit there and hand feed him the food (it's gross, but I need to make sure he's eating for his own health).

We think he may be depressed since he only eats a little bit then does this or he won't attempt to eat at all. We've also made changes to his lifestyle to help with that depression, such as taking him out on walks more, letting him roam around the house while we're gone and just being overall more active.

Can anybody with any previous experience with this help? I feel really bad for him and I want him to be better 🙁

Edit: I should point out that if this continues with no improvement we will take him to be seen by a vet, I just want to see if we can do anything to help him on our own first, since he otherwise seems like a normal dog and his bowels are relatively normal.

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