Our dog attacking our other dog.

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We have a small jack Russell mix (Female), that used to attack our beagle (female), she had cancer, and she darted at her anytime she got the chance while the beagle was alive. This all started with the doorbell ringing, and she attacked her, and continued to attack her several times after until the beagle died of cancer. There were always blood and wounds. She attacked my husky mix ( female) two times when another dog started a scuffle a couple years ago. Fast forward to now, she attacked my husky mix 2 weeks ago, and latched onto her eye (luckily she just missed her eyeball), we think it started because we have an old dog that goes after the husky, and we think the jack Russell attacked because of that. Why does this happen, and what can I do? I am scared she will hurt my husky again. The jack russell isn’t my dog.

To be clear the older dog does not actually attack the husky, she just nips at her legs as she runs by. As well I checked the husky for health problems and she is ok, she has arthritis, and an all tear, but no cancer or anything.

Edit: the jack Russell is 6 years old, as well as the husky mix.

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