Our <2 yo hound mix is pooping in the house and eating it when we’re not looking. How do we break her of that?

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We adopted some kind of hound mix pup back in November 2016, and we thought she was doing good with her kennel training, never had accidents. But recently we've busted her eating her own poop / vomit. It's only when she does it inside. When she goes outside like normal, she doesn't care less. But when she goes inside, it's almost like she knows she's not supposed to and is trying to hide it from us. The vomiting has happened but not as much. She doesn't throw up often, and when she does, she's good about going to the door and letting us know. But there have been a couple times when we've been in the shower or whatever, and come out and we can see where she's thrown up on the carpet but there's none left (there's the stain, but no vomit). A couple months ago, she threw up in her kennel when I ran to the store. I never would have even known, but she threw up some inside and some out, and the only vomit left was the bit she couldn't reach through her bars.

We think the poop is happening more often though, and the one that's concerning us more. She is good about going to the door to let us know she needs to go outside. We let her out, and she always goes pee first. If she needs to poop, just just goes and does it. If she doesn't, she just comes back to the door. Over time, we've noticed bits of "remains" on the floor, and that was what tipped us off to begin with. You can see she clearly did something and licked it up, but we never busted her until recently. We tried taking her out and if she didn't poop, forcing her to stay out, but she just looked at us like we were dumbasses until we let her back in. We've recently busted her twice now, where we hop in the shower or something, and come out and she has pooped on the floor and is in the middle of eating it to hide it. It happened today again, which is prompting me to write this. I literally took her outside, she did her business, I think all is good. Hop in the shower, come out, and she had only "cleaned up" half of it. Time from her being outside to her pooping inside was less than 20 minutes.

We originally thought she was doing good in her kennel, that as she grew up she could hold it longer. Now we're worried that she's just learned to poop and hide the evidence, and she's not kennel trained at all. We found the "remains" as mentioned above when we tried leaving her out of her kennel, so we don't trust her yet to leave her out while we're gone. But if our assumption is correct and she's doing it in her kennel as well, how do we correct that? As I said, I took her out and she didn't need to poop, so when she does poop inside 15 minutes later, I'm wondering if it's intentional. Any help would be appreciated!

TL;DR Dog is pooping inside and eating it. We've assumed for a while, but never busted her until recently. Starting to worry she's not actually kennel trained and is simply pooping in her kennel and eating it so we don't know.

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