Our 15 week schedule of puppy isn’t potty training. We need some advice..

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So as the title reads our sweet girl just doesn’t want to potty outside or on the puppy pads. When I adopted her about two weeks ago the ladies at the foster program told me she was totally trained using a puppy pad and on a really good schedule. I thought okay that’s perfect! My husband and I have a dog and a cat already in our home who are totally trained and very well mannered. I have grown up my entire like with many animals so I’m absolutely no stranger to training but this girl just won’t budge. We both take her out multiple times but she won’t do anything except try to run back inside to do her business. Every every night I wake up around 3:00am to take her out. But every morning, every time we leave her alone for just a minute, she has gone potty in the floor. It’s extremely frustrating and honestly exhausting. My husband has never raised a puppy so he’s basically at whits end, and I too am getting quite annoyed. As much as I don’t want to take her back, this is just so overwhelming for the both of us. We are also really pissed at the foster people for telling us she was trained as that is what really swayed our decision. What else can we do to help her (and ourselves) with this training? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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