Other ppl ruining dog training

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Hi I live with my parents and my dog is 6 months and I am getting ready to do Schutzhund with her but first I've just been doing obedience and some service stuff.

However she is still a puppy and neither of my parents enforce her training and it slips anytime someone else comes into my home. Which I dont like expect guests to come in and enforce our work at all but like they do things and my parents like do not stop it?

My dad literally hits my dog and she is already pretty spunky (aka aggressive tendencies) and my dad's like aggression makes her snap back.

Like idk what to do bc I cant control other ppl but a lot of her bad habits aren't going to go away if I am the only person who enforces things.

TLDR: Other ppl my dog comes into contact with regularly do not enforce my training and do questionable things

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