Other dogs dont like my english cocker spaniel puppy

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So I been starting to socialize with other dogs outside, and my 12 week old puppy is super happy all the time to meet new people and other dogs as well. But every time we meet another dog, they start doing their thing (smelling each other and all that) until the other dog starts growling and getting very noticeable aggressive so I always pull my puppy away, until today when I decided that maybe I was reading the situation wrong ( since every owner always tells me that their dog is good and they don’t bite and also it is normal for them to do that) so I didn’t pull my puppy away after another female dog started to growl, and since the owner also didn’t said anything I just kept watching them until she snapped and attack my dog! Thankfully nothing really happen other than my puppy to pee himself, the other owner apologised and said that was the first time that something like that happen! I want him to have good relations with other dogs but it just seems he is not likeable. Also I live in an area where every home has a dog basically, and there is always people walking dogs and no one barks ever, except when I go walk mine, then every dog just goes mental and barks like I am robbing the place!

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