Orphaned Puppy Help. Socialisation concerns.

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We have recently taken in a orphaned 1 week old puppy, she is a mixed breed, believed to be part Lab. She is now 16 days old and is doing excellent. I have no concerns raising her from the physical aspect of it (such as bottle feeding, toileting, cleaning her, warmth, night feeds, appropriate worming etc…), but I have some concerns from a socialisation point of view. She has no mum and no litter mates to learn from as she gets older and I’ve struggled on Google to find solid advice for solving this. We do have another dog in the household, she is a year old. We have introduced them which went extremely well, she was gently and intrigued. I plan to let them socialise together but I doubt my current girl will take the role of mother as she is extremely playful, I assume she will be more interested in playing with the pup rather than teaching her. Does anyone have any advice?

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