One of my dogs has become possessive over me and starts fights with the other one. It started last night.

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So I have two pitbulls. A formerly abused female around 5 years and a rescue male 2 years old. We have had the female for a few years and got the Male back in November. The female has severe anxiety and has clung to my side since we got her, so this is not a new thing for the Male to see. I always give both dogs love when they approach me so he doesn't think I'm ignoring him or picking her over him, whatever.

Starting last night, the male started a fight while I was petting them both. After his time out we let him out and he started the same bs. This morning he, out of absolutely nowhere, saw the female approach me and he started a fight. The only change has been us not allowing them (same rules for both dogs) on the couch because she has a nervous bladder and he jizzes on my nice couch (yes, he is fixed). Would this change have anything to do with the aggression?

Sorry for the long post, but any help is appreciated until I can afford to take them to a trainer.

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