Older dogs having accidents while trying to potty train new puppy, any advice?

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So I have two 10 year old lab mixes (litter-mates, brother/sister), and a 12 week old female pit/heeler mix puppy.

We’ve had the puppy for three weeks now, and the person we got her from said she used puppy pads to start house training so we have set them up and she uses them from time to time, other than that she will have accidents in the house with no signal to her having to go and despite being taken out regularly.

My labs have previously never had any issues with accidents in the house and before I moved out of my parents house and took them with me, would previously be kenneled for extended periods of time so they have the ability to hold it. I obviously don’t make them do that now and they get plenty of regular walks as well.

Anyways the problem is that suddenly now with the puppy my female lab is suddenly having indoor accidents. I’m at a loss! Potty training with a puppy is hard enough because despite being taken out regularly she still pees in the house with no signal, and now my lab is seemingly regressing?

Please any help and advice or maybe an explanation would be greatly appreciated!!



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