Older dog being aggressive to foster puppy. Help!

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Hi Dog Training, I bet this question has come up but I couldn't find anything that addressed this exact problem. About a year ago I adopted an 8 year old Italian Greyhound (male, fixed), who has separation anxiety (quite bad). We work with a trainer on it and have made some progress. I have always wondered if having another dog around would help him, so a week ago we started fostering a chihuahua mix puppy (5 months old male, fixed). After some initial suspicion, they have gotten used to each other and the puppy loves the older dog–they even play together in the mornings. One big problem: the older IG will invariably get aggressive/growl/snap his jaws if the puppy approaches him while he (older IG) is sitting/playing with one of us humans. He doesn't do it with food, just us humans. Given that the pup is just a foster I don't want to do anything long term/drastic, but is there a way I can ensure we all have a better time? He has given the pup a fright more than once. In case it's relevant, the IG has never shown any aggression outside of this. He gets a lot out of being around other dogs, and I want him to relax and enjoy it. Anything I can do?

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