Old Toothless Chihuahuas Adopted Together Just Conjured The Bar Of #SquadGoals

Five years ago, when Julie Docherty chose a elderly chihuahua, she had no idea that one following would lead to her being the mom of an entire puppy squad.

Julie Docherty chose her first elderly chihuahua, MoMo, from Tiny Loving Canines Rescue in California, where he was ceded in a terrifying malady. “My first elderly following was a joyous collision, ” Docherty told The Dodo. “I detected MoMo, fell in love with him, and we bonded over his reclamation and maintenance. I came to realize then how heartbreakingly overlooked this large category of shelter pups are, and how model elderly following was for me.” Over the next few years, Docherty chose four more elderly chihuahuas( all from the same shelter, except one) reputation Choli Churro, Paloma Linda, Benito, and Lalo Flan, but he sadly passed away due to cancer.

All of these chihuahuas weren’t adored as much as they should’ve been in the past, but now, luckily, they have one another. In reality, they have formed the most cute little force of toothless elderly chihuahuas! Insure for yourselves below.

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