“Old” dog is SUPER jealous of “new” dog.

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My 9 month old corgi, Arthur, has never been super affectionate. He has always been independent. But ever since we brought in a SUPER affectionate and cuddly three year old Pug, he is suddenly very in your face about wanting cuddles. Is this directly correlated?

He also bumps the pug (Gus) away from the food dish. (No growling or aggression) He won’t eat the other bowl, he’ll just make sure he guards it. I feed them separately after noticing this, but is there anything I can do to change this behavior? The pug will literally not eat now unless I’m sitting there next to him protecting him.

He’s also guarding toys and taking toys from the pug. Kind of like a toddler- “I want it because he has it” type thing.

They’ve been together for one month now. I’m open to suggestions! Thanks so much!

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