Oh the ups and downs of motherhood..

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For context: my puppy is a female German Shorthaired Pointer. She’s about 11 1/2 weeks old. Sometimes we have good days, other days not so much. I find myself super lost in training her. She is smart as a whip: she knows sit, down, shake and ‘drop it’ with toys. In terms of behaviour.. that’s where I’m finding myself feeling lost. Hair? Biting it. Couch? Biting it. Blankets in her crate? Biting it. Her bed? Biting it. My pants? Biting them. I’ve been teaching her ‘leave it’ with treats but it doesn’t seem to be translating to objects around the house. I find she really only listens to me when there is food involved. The other issue I’m having is.. aggression? She is extremely ‘growl-y’ and barky. Not sure what to do here. If anyone has advice or can shed some light that would be greatly appreciated.

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