Oh god the biting!

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So our 15 week old lab puppy is brilliant in a lot of ways. Being a labrador he's incredibly food motivated, which makes training alot easier. He's also started to become a bit cuddly already and wants to sit on you whenever possible (although this inevitably leads to hyperactive puppy chewing unless you are shoving a chew toy in his mouth).

Our biggest problem is the biting. 2 weeks or so ago this lessened considerably and I was so happy. But this week is racketed right up again. His puppy teeth are so super sharp he draws blood incredibly easily and my arms and knees are tattered. We're working on withdrawing attention when he bites and using the crate so he sleeps because it is 100 times worse when he's tired. I know it will get better eventually, but I'm just wondering when this awful land shark/croco pup stage will end? Can anyone give any advice?

Thanks so much!

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