Police Rescue Over 500 Destitute Puppies From A Monster. Now Watch What Happens Just One Year LateraEUR |

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Puppy mills are gruesome places. Many of them eventually get shut down due to the abuses present.

But there was one in Georgia that had actually been operating since the 1980 s. It was ultimately shut down last year. Rescued were 525 dogs! But many of the dogs were pregnant, attaining the actual figure much higher. Here we ensure Victoria Stilwell, a hound trainer, facilitating savers with abducting the puppy mill dogs. Six weeks later they would be put up for adoption and it was quite the episode. Huge turnout and every single hound discontinued up becoming adopted!

What happened to the puppy mill owneds? They alleged guilty to 25 attacks of animal savagery and are now on probation for 25 consecutive years. Remember not to support the puppy mill plan. Plazas and pet storages often get their dogs from puppy mills. Thankfully all these dogs were rescued and all were adopted! And thankfully this mill was ultimately shut down.

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