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Me and my lab Teddy were out walking the other day, just enjoying the weather and doing some interspersed training. Next thing I see is 2 pitbull type dogs rushing at us from their yard, across the road and through a line of trees. Their owners were having some kind of yard party and didn’t have their dogs on leashes.

Teddy gets spooked and these dogs are hovering on him, sniffing him and start poking at him. Their owner yells “they’re friendly!!” as she saunters over to us. Obviously not too friendly since one of them bit Teddys tongue causing a laceration and bruising on top and red angry swelling underneath as well.

Just because they say their dog is friendly, doesn’t mean anything. What if my dog isn’t friendly? What if my dog is fearful or shy? What if my dog is reactive – which he is and we are working on that. Those dogs rushing him definitely didn’t help and he was terrible on the leash all the way back home.

I just want to say this is in no way a knock on PBT type breeds. Any dog could have done what these dogs did. It’s simply to give you a visual on their size and appearance. I don’t think they could have been PBT’s since they’re banned here in Ontario, but these two dogs looked a lot like them. submitted by /u/Popples86
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