Nothing makes you realize how far you’ve come like seeing a younger puppy with all your past struggles

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This morning we went on a walk and came across a 9 week old pup on the other side of the street. The pup was darting around and then lying down in the grass and refusing to move. You know, standard puppy stuff. Meanwhile my 6 month old stopped when I stopped, sat at heel while the humans talked, and then kept walking when I asked her to. Her reactivity to other dogs on walks had recently reduced dramatically. I haven't seen her bark or even stiffen up another dog in days, which is a HUGE relief.

I wonder if the other owner was contemplating if his pup would ever get to this point. I thought about that all the time when I saw well behaved dogs on walks while my puppy pulled and barked and flopped over in the grass. It feels weird to suddenly be on the other side of it. I wanted to tell him we were the same, and it gets better. I'm sure we'll run into each other again.

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