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We just adopted a ~2 year old lab/beagle mix. We've only had him about 5 days. The first several days we we trying to crate train him but he was very, anxious about going in and we didn't push it. Our kitchen is sectioned off from the rest of the house and so when we've been leaving him alone we put his bed, water, a number of toys in there and we block off the doorway to the rest of the house. He's never alone for more than 3-4 hours at a time.

I came home at lunch to walk him and lo and behold, he managed to wiggle (or jump!?) over the blockade. I'm not entirely sure where he was in the house, as he came running to meet me at the door but I'm pretty sure it was the couch or our bed. I also discovered he chewed up some post-it notes and a chapstick tube.

So…I know that w/ a rescue it can take a couple weeks for him to really "show" his true self (and I'm concerned this behavior is the start of this…). At this point in the game…should we go back to try and crate him while we are away during the day?

The chewing is another concern…the guy is a fairly athletic breed. Maybe we're not exercising him enough? He gets anywhere from 3-4 "long" walks during the day, plus plenty of playtime w/ us. We've gotten him puzzle toys too, which he's only shown a mild interest in.

Basically, if this behavior is going to snowball I'd like to nip it in the bud…any recommendations?

Thanks all.

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