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I just thought I would quickly write this as I wanted to ask if anyone else’s dog does this…

Whenever me and my partner are both at home, she is a nightmare, she doesn’t listen to us and makes it very obvious she’s ignoring us when we call her or ask her to do something… she’s so mischievous and will go into the kitchen to counter surf for food once she knows we’re sat on the sofa or even when we’re stood right next to her (we have spent hours and days/ weeks of training on these things and she does well to then fall back into old habits straight after) she barks like crazy at the window if she sees or hears anything. Taking her on walks she hates dogs, she will pull on the lead massively and bark in a way we’ve never seen her do, it’s quite nasty and it takes her what feels like forever to calm down, and i’ll be honest it made me emotional as you get the disapproving looks off other owners as if you own this vicious horrible dog.

However, i’ve noticed whenever my partner leaves for work for the week it’s like having a completely different dog, she listens, she doesn’t ignore me, she doesn’t go into the kitchen and do things we’ve been training her not to do, and she’s so chilled out. But what i’ve noticed is it gets to the day before he comes home and she goes backwards, massively. It’s as if she knows he’s due home tomorrow? She does everything she shouldn’t be doing, doesn’t listen to me and really stresses me out.

I love her to bits, she’s honestly a great dog but her habits are getting worse and despite all of the training we do with her daily, it doesn’t seem to be working. We are aware she was in a couple of homes before we adopted her from dogs trust, and she’s 11 months old now, so is it possible she’s learnt these bad habits at her old houses as she was allowed, and due to her being a young age then it’s just stuck with her? We’ve read and watched so many videos to try and help with her training as they all say you can train a dog out of these habits, but she is extremely stubborn and none of it seems to be helping. She has a couple of days where she’s good then she does it again. It just seems like a cycle. But I find it especially strange when it’s just me in the house and she’ll do everything right, up until the last day before he’s home.

Asking for a friend? We’ve debated training classes but the majority of them are with other dogs instead of just 1 to 1 and after seeing how she behaves and reacts around dogs, it’s something I’m not wanting to risk as she doesn’t settle down what so ever until that dog is gone.

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