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I have an absolute horrid puller 70lbs dog, 4years, unneutered if that matters. He is relentless when he sees another dog or when there's a nice spot to smell, even taking it so far to lay where he wants to sniff and anchor his entire weight down. I learned to play fetch before we walk which helps a noticeable amount. I have attempted heel training in our backyard with no sight distractions to no avail. He doesnt take food outside, even when calm. Inside? Yes, totally. Perhaps, even in our backyard, there's too many distractions?

He's very interested in toys, anywhere, but I don't understand using toys as rewards. He's super obsessed with toys, actually… I think to an unhealthy extent but having one on hand definitely grabs his attention well. Just don't like carrying a slobbery toy lol.

I just want him to walk nice. I use a Gentle Lead but he still pulls when he sees a dog and it goes over his eye and flips him around. I'm a bit rusty at training truthfully. Just never had a dog that doesn't take food like he doesn't. Makes it so difficult.

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