North West Did Her First Ever “Tell-All” Interview And It Includes Pizza& Puppies

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Come one, come all. Gather around me, for we are about to embark on the say of a truly sacred text: North West’s first ever “tell-all” interview . While I knew this glorious period was coming, I acknowledge I didn’t expect it to come so soon. But it’s true: Kim Kardashian’s 4-year-old daughter with Kanye West, North West, caused her very own exclusive to, and it’s candidly amazing.

North dished on everything from her favorite dye to her favorite Disney princess, with the help of some fellow young personality interviewers. The first party consecrated with the job of interviewing North was Kaia Gerber( who is a model and the daughter of Cindy Crawford ). Kaia asked North what the best situation about having a little brother was, and North responded,

Giving him plaything trucks, and I caused him a big toy bear.

Astounding. North also told Gerber that her family calls her “Bubs” and that her favorite pizza transcend is cheese, resulting in best available repeat of the section: “Just cheese! Cheese, cheese — everywhere cheese.”

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on had the honor of requesting North about her favorite Disney princess — “Jasmine, because I love her, ” — her reverie birthday contrives — “I miss all the princess “re coming”, ” and her best friend — “Mama.”

Next up was Penelope Disick, 5-year-old daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, and North’s cousin. Penelope expected, “Can I sleep over at your house for four days and create my puppy? ” To which North replied, “Oh yeah! ” Then Penelope asked if they could have a broiling defendant, which North was all for — as long as they saw rainbow cake.

The last interviewer was Andy Warhol( founder of ), which the clause shows in the prologue is questions from the late artist’s documents. Andy Warhol was killed in 1987, so no, he didn’t actually interview North West, as amazing as that would be. “Warhol” asked North if she does her own nails( yes ), what she carries in her luggage( toys ), and what her favorite shade is( rainbow ).

Honestly, this is the best interview I’ve ever read, and I highly recommend it. It even boasts original artwork by North herself. The full cover story is gonna be a offered in the September issue of

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