Normal for new rescue dog or true aggression?

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I'm now confused at my new dog, Henry's behavior and need to make a tough decision on whether he can be trained or needs a different home. I adopted him 4 weeks ago and he's a 3 year old 60 lb rescue mutt that the shelter said was a mix of lab and Ridgeback. My other dog Lady is a female 60 lb lab/pit rescue mix. They were introduced slowly at the shelter and had no issues. They're both high energy dogs but ran, played, and seemed happy together. Lady loves other large dogs but wasn't socialized properly so can be a bit annoying. Henry was very patient with play, would roll over, and wouldn't be bothered by her pestering. Henry was adopted out but returned after a year due to biting incidents in his last home. The shelter evaluated him, found no problems and believe he was being abused. I live alone with no children so figured a dog timid around other people but happy with my annoying dog was manageable.

The first two weeks Henry was separated by a baby gate in the kitchen with only short 20 min supervised interactions between the dogs, increasing in length. To get to my backyard, you have to pass through the kitchen and in those first few weeks there were a few aggressive, growling instances when Lady would walk into the kitchen with me to let them both out. I figured Henry was just protecting his area and started rotating so only one dog would be walking through the kitchen at a time. Other problems have now started that indicate more resource guarding.

Feeding: Lady would always have a full bowl of dog food and eat when she pleased. She's not very food motivated and would often skip breakfast. Henry started protecting her food bowl and the water dish and not letting her near it, headbutting her away if she came close. I decided to feed them both at the same time and take away the bowl when done. When I put the food bowls down on opposite ends of the kitchen they both started on theirs, but once Lady began eating Henry ran over and snapped, growling and biting at her. Since then all feeding has been done separately.

Last night is when I feel like things might be more than I can handle. They were happily playing in the living room when Lady went to take a water break. Henry kept pushing her away from the water bowl. I told him no and took him by the leash to the other side of the living room. He laid down at my feet, so I started giving treats and practice training with him hoping it would lesson his need to guard the water. When Lady finished drinking she came over to see what was going on and once getting within a foot of us Henry jumped up and once again was growling and trying to bite. Lady held her ground this time and wouldn't walk away, growling back. I was in the middle while this went on for several seconds before Lady listened and went to her crate. Henry got a time out outside.

After time apart they were once again playing and seemed ok, maybe more aggressive than normal and I was freaked out and tired. I took Lady to sleep with me in bed with Henry having full range of the house. This has been fine for weeks, but last night Henry was barking all night in my quiet suburban neighborhood. I didn't want to wake up to encourage barking or have another dog incident in the middle of the night so I was just hiding and miserable.

Now that there's aggression over treats even when Henry is getting plenty of attention, I'm worried about how I'll manage. It's also not fair to him to be totally separated and I can see separation anxiety forming

There hasn't been any bloodshed or real fighting, so I'm worried about giving up on him for what is totally normal dog adjustment in a two dog house. When they're playing without food around there's no problems and both dogs seem to really enjoy each other. He's a great dog other than this, is learning quickly and I think he can be a really well behaved dog in the right conditions.

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