Noisy, non-settling puppy

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I need suggestions for getting an 11week puppy to settle in their crate for longer than an hour during the day (or a puppy pen).

He was out and about for an hour and a half in his playpen or running and chasing his ball before going in.

I have a towel over it, the rest of the house is quiet, the radio is on classical music, he got a kong but doesn't do more than lick the first of the three "levels" and is not motivated to get kibble or farther-in stuff out of it. Same with puzzle balls with kibble, just not interested. He'll only play with them if I am directly beside or over him.

I'm really worried about this behavior because I have to go back to work full time next week and he does NOT shut up apparently. (I'm stimulating being at work by being quiet in my bedroom while he is in a separate part of the apartment and he is crying and whining and barking nonstop for the past 10 minutes.) Now he is digging and clawing at the door, bottom of the crate.

I know he can hold his bladder for several hours, so an hour and a half to 2 hrs should not be an issue.

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