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Ok so the tittle doesn’t mean I’m not giving her water haha buuuuut… lemme start off by saying I have a very adorable cat who unfortunately has had history to kidney/bladder stones. He’s gotten surgery and we feed him on a very strict diet. Well 2 weeks ago he relapsed and we were so worried and confused how did this happen? we watch him all the time to make sure he doesn’t eat any food that’s not his. But my sister came to the conclusion it was probably because of my puppy drinking from his water bowl. All the minerals she picks up while outside and apparently her food has magnesium(which is especially bad for my cat his food doesn’t have it) probably gets into the water while she drinks it. We put up puppy fences so he could have his space to recover and made sure she didn’t drink from his water. He’s better now so I decided to get rid of the puppy fence, to which she started drinking from his water again.

Now I came here to ask for advice do I have any options?

Can I train her not to drink that water(it seems impossible i don’t know), move the water to a higher surface( he’s not the best jumper he’s a bit old and we don’t want the cats on the counters and tables) or is there some magical bowl that only lets cats drink???

I don’t really know what to do :/

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