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What is your dogs nighttime routine/how do you get him to a settle down for the night?

Our 1 yr old lab/GSD mix has issues settling down for the evening even when tired. He goes to doggy daycare during the day or gets about 2-2.5 hrs off leash time in a dog park where he can run.

Current routine: We take him on a short walk after dinner, give him a kong and then try and get him to chill out. Sometimes he will settle in to chew on a bone/antler and then pass out but sometimes he’s running around messing things up because he is overtired. He seems to settle if we’re in the kitchen cleaning up etc but if we are trying to relax (tv, etc) he is not into it.

We have done mat training with him (relaxation protocol in progress and just generally having him lay on a mat and be fed) and while he will settle for it he doesn’t always stay settled after. Also we usually feed him earlier so I can’t do mat training with kibble at that point and don’t want to over feed him.

Any ideas/tips? What is your routine to get the pup to settle.

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