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Hi all. I have this sweet 1 yr. 9 mo. old black lab mix (she weighs 35 lbs, shelter dog, no idea what the mix is). We adopted her when she was 5 months old and trained her religiously for about a year. She is a super high energy dog, so it was very difficult to train her as new dog parents. We eventually got her somewhat trained by working with a local trainer in a small workshop group with 5 other dogs. She was loose leash walking like a half normal pup on a leash (we still had lots to work on) just until a few months ago when she was diagnosed with heart worms. To make a long story short, she has been on exercise restriction for the past 12 weeks, which includes only taking 3 5-minute walks to pee and poop throughout the day. She lost almost all of her ability to heel and to give me any attention while were outside. She picks up every single stick and stops almost every 2-5 seconds to sniff something for a prolonged period of time. I'm at wit's end with walking her, because it's already difficult for me to motivate myself to walk her 3 times a day and play with her in between. I love her and I don't want our relationship to suffer because of us not giving her appropriate training.

I am looking for general advice. I am considering bringing in an in-home doggo trainer, as we did training outside the home. Does anyone have experience with this and if it proves to be superior?

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