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Our little chocolate Labrador puppy came home at 8 weeks old, he is now 16 weeks. He is really a really sweet dog and is very receptive to training and picks things up quick. However, ever since the beginning he has had real trouble sleeping past 4.30am. He sleeps in his crate (which he loves) in our bedroom, it’s covered in a blanket. We have now transitioned him away from the side of the bed and is further away from us, he took to this without a bother. He goes to sleep around 9.30pm after his bedtime routine and will go into his crate with no fuss. But….then comes 4.30-5.00am. He becomes a howling, whining nightmare. We know that he doesn’t need the toilet and he has chew toys in there which he uses to self soothe at other points in the night. He sleeps with no problems from 9.30pm – 5am. Our alarm goes off at 5.30am so he doesn’t have much longer to go. We’ve tried so many methods, hushing him when he begins, using our positively charged “no” phrase, sitting by the crate silently, playing white sounds or calming music, taking to the loo, giving a new chew, giving him a scented piece of clothing, tried making bedtime later by an hour but he stills wakes at the same time. Nothing seems to stop the 5am wake up call. The past 2 mornings I have let him come out and onto the bed at 5am as an experiment and after a few whimpers will settle and snooze for the remaining time. This is not something I want to become a habit though as he’s going to get bigger. He naps on his own throughout the day in his crate or bed so it’s not like he is used to sleeping with us either. Any advice would be so welcome.

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