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So evidently there's no sleep happening the first night? I have cleaely done things wrong tonight, so please sime suggestions how to get on the right track…

First, we picked her up at 7pm. Because we're considered local we had to get her on a weekday. It's a 40 minute drive, she vomited 3 times on my bf.

The pup slept from 9 to 10:30 then I moved her into the crate while asleep at 11. I thought things were good, but she woke at 11:20 and wanted out badly. I took her to the bathroom- nothing.

Tried to go back in tbe crate and there was just howling. I live in an apartment and also don't want to mess her up forcing her in the crate. So we played in the gated kitchen a bit and she fell asleep again. I tried sleeping nearby in the adjacent living room and maybe nodded off a couple times for less than 10 minutes, waking at every snuffle.

I then went back to my bed. At 2:30, she woke again and she ended up peeing all over the kitchen. I took her outside as I was hoping a solid would happen- nothing. We go inside. Try the crate again, this time with treats. Ate the treats, started howling (she's a lagotto romagnolo btw). I took her outside again…nothing. Crate again…howling. Back to the kitchen. I ignored her and she chewed a bully stick. I couldn't leave without whining starting.

It's nearly 4am and she has finally fallen asleep again.

So, please some pointers on how I can fix all my many mistakes tonight. Thanks all!!

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