Newly adopted chiweenie… attacking bigger dogs at the dog park!

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My boyfriend and I adopted a 3 y/o chihuahua dachshund mix 1 week ago. The past week has been amazing, he’s so good with us, sleeps in his crate, walks well on lease, doesn’t beg for food, learned his name and sit command in just a couple of days… we thought we hit the dog jackpot! We took him to a softball field in our neighborhood where people take their dogs. He did really well! He played with a smaller dog his size and chased a giant chocolate lab around for a while. We were thrilled. We also had a play date with a couple friends of ours who have a small and big dog, did fine there too.

Well, tonight we took him to the same softball field and right out the gate something was off, he immediately ran up to the first dog he saw and aggressively bit them… did the same thing to about 4-5 other dogs, chasing them down, lunging at them and biting them, it was shocking and kind of scary. The only commonality is they were all bigger dogs.

He got some vaccinations yesterday and was neutered 2 weeks ago. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it?

Regardless, we’ll be putting more focus on training starting tomorrow and try to continue to socialize him even though we’re really nervous about it!

Any help or comments are appreciated.

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