New(ish) dog, help with new family puppy?

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Background: We have an older mut, around 7 years old, who is irrelevant to most of this because he just chills and doesn’t do much. My fiancé and I are living with my parents while we finish renovations on our first house, which we will move in to this summer.

We rescued a two year old German Shepherd around 2 months ago and he has been getting along fine with other dogs, including the other family dog and dogs he meets at the park.

My mother got a puppy (8 weeks old) today and we are slowly acclimating them. The GSD does not show aggression, but takes chomps at the puppy when she gets close. We have been taking her around the house on a leash and only allowing brief contact, mostly just smelling where the puppy had been.

The puppy has a kennel and we have allowed the GSD to check her out while she was in the kennel. Although the GSD doesn’t get quite as excited, she still tries to bite when close and I don’t think it would go well if they met off leash.

Is this normal on the first day? Are we doing things correctly, with the brief interactions? The size difference is immense and with the little puppy whines I’m worried the GSD thinks she’s just another chew toy. What else can we do do make sure they get used to each other?

Keep in mind we and the GSD will be moving out in the next few months. There is an 11 year old in the house that the GSD loves. No signs of resource guarding, the bites seem to be like a shark finding out that a seal is a diver. Not that that would save the puppy.

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