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Hey everyone! Obviously very new here, forgive my rambling.

I've really been wanting a dog for a while. I grew up with one, a purebred corgi who passed away at age 14 after a long and healthy life. Finally, I'm a dog mom again and I adopted a rescue from Puerto Rico. They found her pregnant and there were likely multiple fathers. She has been separated from her puppies since going to foster and then coming with me and obviously experienced a lot of trauma while on the street. She's approx 1.5-2 yrs, a corgi mix (suspected border collie), full of energy but overall doing really well adjusting. She was much more quiet and relaxed when she first got here but she seemed happy so I naively thought this was how she was going to be always.

She's in perfect health, did well at the vet this week, is housetrained and does great with that. She is great on the leash and loves long walks. We have a big neighborhood so I take her around 2-4 times a day depending on my work schedule. My mom usually does her afternoon walk though since her office is close to home and she can go home on her lunch break. She does not do well with other dogs but is getting much better after just a week of me exposing her to them on walks (we also have a next door neighbor dog she is warming up to very slowly).

She just has a lot of energy. I'm afraid she never fully kicked the puppy phase after being displaced. Not quite sure when she was displaced but she was definitely someone's pet because of knowing house training already and seeming to respond to commands but we think she might not understand English commands so well. She is slowly learning sit, stay, etc. I'm working on that with her and will take her to classes as soon as I feel like she is well enough adjusted and can be around other dogs in the classroom.

My two biggest concerns are:

– She has a problem with barking at noises she hears and will only sort of respond to "quiet" but then goes at it again. I want to be firm with her so she understands but I also understand that she is scared because of her history. Not sure how to tackle this despite some of the reading I've done.

– Chewing. I've done reading about the reasons she chews, I have bought her a lot of interactive toys and try to play with her as much as possible but she doesn't really tire easily and can't seem to understand that we can't play all day and all the time. She chews books, shoes, paper, anything. Usually for attention when I play with her and then stop. Is there a way I can get her to play and then settle down?

She is such a love and follows me everywhere. I adore her already but I feel a little stuck. I want to give her a great home and I want her to feel safe and loved, but I'd also like to not have to worry about things getting destroyed (we have moved things around, are working on cable management, etc.) and her barking/disturbing people, especially in the middle of the night. Originally, I didn't want to crate her but my dad is bringing me a crate this weekend and I think that will help. She is crate trained from the rescue/foster/etc. But any recommendations, crate or not, would be really helpful. I just want to do right by her.

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