New rescue poops outside great, but only pees inside?

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My husband and I adopted a sweet lab/hound/brown dog mix 5 days ago, and she's done so incredibly well adjusting to her new life. She's very bright and responds to praise really well. She's estimated to be about 1 year old, solidly out of the puppy phase. She's really a great dog, very attentive.

We live in a high rise in a downtown area, on the 15th floor. So far she's figured out to poop outside, and does it consistently already. She got tons of love and happiness and partying the first time she did it, and that seemed to do the trick. No poop inside ever.

However, she has yet to ever pee outside. When we first met her at an adoption event, we spent most of the day outside and she only ever peed when she went into a building. Now, she seems to consistently go to the same general area of the apartment to pee almost immediately after getting inside from a walk. This morning I brought her back in with the intention of going right back out since I expected it, but she beat me to it and was already peeing before we got back out the door.

We've been taking her outside constantly (which is great because it means she mastered the elevator already!) But she seems to be holding it until we get back inside so that hasn't helped. Our initial strategy was giver her plenty of opportunities and just wait until she does it outside and lay on the praise but that hasn't happened.

We thoroughly clean (carpet) with an enzymatic cleaner. We don't punish her for going, we know that's counter productive. We've also been taking her back outside with a pee-soaked paper towel and setting it on the ground where we'd like her to go and praising her there. She still has yet to pee outside, ever.

I've seen advice to pick them up during the accident so they stop and set them back down outside but that seems like it won't work since it takes us about 3 minutes to get the elevator and get outside. Will that really help? Seems like she'll just hold it until she's back inside!

We're at a loss here — if she never pees outside, how are we supposed to positively reinforce that that's where we want her to go?? This seems like an intractable problem!

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