New puppy what have I done?

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So my new puppy has arrived home three days ago. I have a few issues:

He is still not eating from his bowl only from my palm and the Kong and it’s only small amounts. It’s the same food as the breeder. I’m going to try the chicken mince she said he liked. He doesn’t take treats either. How can I encourage him to eat more?

He cries when I walk away from him when he is in his play pen or if I walk out the door to throw the rubbish in the bin.

He sleeps at night pretty well in his crate from around 10-11pm – 5-6am. But then he cries to come to me. I don’t lock his crate door as he is in the play pen area but he just wants me. Last night I got him and put him in bed with me and he slept for around 1 hour then we get up.

Potty pads or fake grass? Currently we have potty pads in the house but outside the balcony we have the fake grass he’s peed on it a few times but mainly just rips it up.

Any advice for me?

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