New Puppy, Sad Adult

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Hey all,

I just bought my first puppy today! It was very exciting and has been a lot of fun, he's a handful as any puppy is but I've enjoy it the past few hours (lol). But now that I'm laying down and relaxing before sleep, I have this overwhelming sadness. I think it's the feeling of doing a "big adult thing", and the fact that my parents dog will no longer be the dog I call MY dog even though I lived with it for 6-7 years. I feels like a big life change, even though it's just a little dog. I'm sure it will pass but it's sad to see my previous #1 go to #2 and realizing all the new responsibility I've brought on. Not quite as overwhelming as bringing home a baby I'm sure, but just wanted to vent and see if anyone had the same feeling when they got their first puppy/dog and how things got better

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